Brewhouse, Cellar, Keg Washer/Filler


Our automated 3 vessel 30 barrel brewhouse, fermentation vessels, and brite beer tanks will be manufactured in St. Petersburg, Florida by BrewFab LLC. BrewFab is one of the leading fabricators of craft brewing and distilling equipment in the United States. The equipment will arrive on-site in June 2018 and brewing of test batches will commence on or around June 15, 2018.  The brewhouse and cellar are brand new, proudly American made, and fully customized to our specific facility and production processes. This will maximize process and labor efficiency and contribute significantly to the quality of our beers. Our brewhouse platform will be engineered to easily allow for the installation of a 4th vessel(Mash Mixer) at a later date as production demand increases, speeding up the brewing process and allowing us to complete up to four 30 barrel batches per day. For washing and filling kegs we will utilize a four station semi-automated keg washer from BrewFab. This will wash and fill approximately 50 kegs per hour.  Kyle Cureton, the owner of BrewFab and the designer of our equipment, is an investor in Oktopus and a long term advisor to the company. His ownership interest in Mocama will allow us to purchase our initial and future equipment at a discount to standard pricing we would otherwise pay, not only equipment he manufactures but from other suppliers he represents as well. As demand for our products increases, we will be able to order identical additional cellar tanks from BrewFab to increase production capacity. As an ASME certified welder, Kyle and his team will be instrumental in cost effectively hard piping our production area with stainless steel process piping, minimizing the amount of brewer’s hose we use. 





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