Cellar Controls


ChillerTron, Inc. is a Vista, California based automation and process control systems manufacturer. ChillerTron is a precision fermentation temperature control system designed to eliminate costly temperature fluctuations.  ChillerTron monitors not only our glycol system but can be configured to monitor or control other equipment within the brewery such as canning line temperatures, walk-in cooler temperatures, and hot or cold liquor tanks. Proportional valve control (instead of solenoids) using an adaptive PID control yields extremely stable fermentation temperature control resulting in faster, more repeatable production. The system integrates with our G&D chiller to monitor and display chiller parameters for glycol temperature, pressure and flow as well as issues alarms for abnormal conditions. These alarms can be sent to multiple employees, providing peace of mind that we will know if a major event threatens production. The control system can be quickly and easily expanded as new fermenters are added, more than 64 tanks per base system. Because of ChillerTron, Oktopus will produce more consistent beers more quickly, save money on the purchase of yeast, and practically eliminate the possibility of chiller failure causing thousands of dollars in product loss.



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