Coffee and Juice


Once our brewing processes and taproom operations are perfected, Mocama will open its doors at 7am daily to serve coffee, espresso, functional beverages, and fresh pressed juices. We will also offer an array of simple breakfast items, like fresh fruit, biscuits, bagels, muffins, and pastries. Some of these items may be prepared onsite while others will be sourced from local partners. Customers who desire to work or study can access our high speed Wi-Fi network through a code on their receipt. With 24 hours’ notice, professionals can reserve meeting rooms that include drip coffee, espresso drink service, and selected food items.Unlike most coffee establishments, Mocama will be supplied by several different roasters at any given time. While we are open to the idea of working with local and regional roasters, we believe there is truth in the phrase “just because it is local doesn’t mean it is good.” We want to offer a true third wave coffee experience to our customers, and we feel that utilizing products from the highest rated coffee roasters in North America makes that task easier. Similar to marketing our taproom experience as the best way to drive sales of Mocama beer for off premise consumption,  locals and customers alike will be able to purchase whole beans after enjoying the service and beverages offered in our coffee shop. Over time, it is our hope that we can work directly with roasters to not only offer proprietary roasts and blends, but to also use these offerings in our beers. Barrel aging of green coffee beans is something we plan to do extensively when time and resources permit.


Currently, our plan is to establish a wholesale relationship with Panther Coffee, a quality centered, multi-award winning specialty coffee company based in Miami. They own and operate coffee shops in addition to supplying coffee to wholesale partners.  Over time we will also offer coffees from roasteries such as Calgary, Alberta based Phil and Sebastian, San Francisco based Sightglass, and Boston based George Howell.















Selecting the right coffee brewing equipment is key to delivering the highest quality coffee experience to our customers while also maximizing efficiency and therefore profits.




The Extractor V+ from FETCO is a proven design that is programmable to set recipe parameters for each brew. Baristas can control brew volume, brew temperature, brew time, and the amount and duration of prewetting grounds to optimize flavor extraction. The CBS-1152-V+ pictured below has the capacity to serve 307 pints of coffee per hour. With two additional 1.5 gallon thermal dispensers, for a total of four, we will be able to meet drip coffee demand for two different roasts during the busy morning hours. We will also gain the ability to serve fresh coffee from another location in the taproom or outside in the biergarten. These dispensers keep coffee at optimal temperature and freshness for 4 hours, with timers and volume indicators to help maintain uninterrupted coffee service.
















Espresso and Pourover                     

Backed by 90 years of La Marzocco’s excellence in espresso machine technology, Modbar AV offers an art piece for the countertop with a workhorse under the hood. Modbar AV also provides something that no other under-counter espresso machine is able to offer: the reliability of La Marzocco. Based on R&D from the Linea PB, Modbar AV comes with the same level of reliability, performance, and temperature stability that made the Linea PB an industry icon.


Modbar AV delivers an elegant above-counter espresso tap with a simple barista interface, reliable auto-volumetric dosing, and the option of integrated scales to suit the modern cafe workflow. Mocama baristas will utilize a reliable, consistent, and beautiful machine that removes all barriers to remarkable hospitality. Modbar AV hides the inner workings of the machine and delivers consistently delicious shots that evoke the feeling of espresso magic. Knowing they can rely on Modbar AV’s consistent, reliable auto-volumetric technology, baristas can shift their attention fully onto their customers, creating deeper relationships that keep visitors coming back. Consumers are treated to an awe-inspiring experience – as their coffee is delivered with a sense of magic.




Espresso Grinder    

The Ceado E37T is the top model in the flat burrs series, faster and with improved performance thanks to the customized titanium burrs.  The Ceado Steady Lock Grinder system ensures a fixed distance between the 83mm burrs at all times, keeping particle size consistent in all conditions. Ceado’s ‘Silent System’ is an innovative mechanical suspension of the motor, and along with soundproofing of the grinder body makes Ceado coffee grinders the quietest on the market. The exclusive automatic thermal control system protects the consistency of the coffee from the excessive peaks in temperature normally created in the grinding chamber.













Coffee Grinder

 The Mahlkonig EK43 boasts unmatched particle distribution – that is, consistency in grind size. This means fewer fines, improved cup clarity, and the opportunity for higher extraction yields without bitterness.  Sporting stepless adjustment over a wide range, the EK43 is suitable for nearly all methods of coffee preparation. Switching between recipes is easy with the numbered dial and you can even grind for large batches or customers' purchases with the handy bag clamp. With 98mm burrs and a motor that harnesses the power of almost two horses, the EK43 is unparalleled in performance. Batch coffee will go from beans to bits at a rate of 21-25 grams-per-second, or 2.8-3.4 pounds-per-minute.















Pour Over Brewers                            




Mocama has selected the GINO dripper as our pour over brewer. The double-walled glass construction of the GINO dripper insulates while highlighting the coffee extraction. The angle of the interior cone and size of the 3 holes at the bottom are engineered to ensure the optimal distance for water to travel through the coffee bed, ensuring a balanced, flavorful cup. The minimal profile is gracefully tapered to sit atop the GINO server like a crown, and also comfortably fit any grip. Once the coffee is brewed, the GINO server's double-walled glass retains the heat inside its sleek and stylish silhouette.






Electric Kettles      


 Mocama will utilize the Fellow EKG electric kettle. Variable temperature control and a stunning, minimalist design. The pourover, perfected. Our baristas will be able to customize pour over water temperature for each specific bean selected by the customer. Turing the EKG knob allows a range of between 135F to 212F. Ae toggle on the back of the EKG enables HOLD mode to  maintain a barista’s desired temperature for 60 minutes. A stopwatch is included to time extraction. The EKG has a precision pour spout and counterbalanced handle with a 900ml capacity.




 Conventional lids compromise the customer experience when drinking coffee to go. The Viora Lid drinks like a cup, unlocks flavor, and eliminates annoying splashes. With a Viora Lid, the lid fades away, and our customers experience the familiar comfort of an open mug on their lips and the full flavor of their beverage. Customers sip their beverage over a lip—just as they would if they were drinking from a ceramic cup.

The Viora Lid delivers the rich, distinct flavors of any beverage. Taste is mostly smell, and the innovative drink well on the Viora Lid ensures a complete taste experience. Our customers can carry hot coffee or tea worry-free. Conventional lids—when jostled—shoot out jets of liquid that stain clothes or soak dashboards. Viora Lids reduce splashes in the first place, and, even if the drink does splash, it ends up back in the cup rather than on the customer or their car interior.

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