Fruit and Adjuncts

Fruits have been used in brewing since the advent of fermentation, but fell out of favor with the rise of industrial brewing due to the increased cost of fresh fruit and the processing it requires. With the craft brewing renaissance in America over the past 20 years, brewers and consumers are more often seeking fruit beers that are brewed with techniques both old and new. Much like styles of craft beer, there are endless types of fruit that can be added to our recipes to produce refreshing, even surprising, flavors. From exotic examples like quenepa, rambutan, mamey sapote, and sea buckthorn, to traditional raspberries, strawberries, and citrus, Mocama brewers will over time perfect the techniques needed to successfully brew beers that incorporate fruit somewhere in the brewing process. The goal is to express the fruit flavor profile, mouthfeel, and aroma we desire in our beers. Brewing with fruit opens the door for creativity, allowing brewers to stay within beer style guidelines or break them entirely. Our wood aged beers in particular will shine with the addition of fruit in combination with wild yeasts and bacteria.


Mocama recipes that call for fruit will utilize 100% natural and as often as possible organic whole fruits, purees, extracts, and essences. Our proximity to Florida’s citrus groves and farms gives us access to a wide selection of limes, lemons, oranges, and grapefruit.




In addition to whole fruit sourced directly from farms, we will partner with trusted ingredients manufacturers like Oregon Fruit Products, Treatt, and Milne to access natural essences and extracts to achieve stand-out flavor profiles that may not be possible using only raw ingredients. These companies are the go-to partner for new product development in the brewing industry, giving us the ability to tailor ingredients that make our beers truly unique. The essences and extracts we will use practically eliminate flavor variation seen from year-to-year, batch-to-batch or between individual fruits themselves. The technical knowledge and experience provided by working with these and many other ingredients suppliers will allow us to provide products with amazing consistency and true-to-fruit flavor profiles.


In addition, we may source local and regional honey, corn, rice, grits, tea, flowers, oysters, and spices for use in our beers. 



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