Glycol Piping


The integrity of our glycol piping system is of utmost importance. A failure of this system can result in the very expensive loss of a batch or batches of beer. Asahi/America is a manufacturer of process piping and valves. The name is Japanese, the piping is of Austrian design, but their products are manufactured in the USA at their Lawrence, Massachusetts headquarters. Their COOLSAFE PE piping system provides a cost-effective way for installing insulated piping that keeps our process water and cellar at exactly the temperature and we pressure we set. Pipe and fittings are pre-insulated at the factory, saving additional labor on-site. A local contractor will install COOLSAFE easily using conventional butt or electrofusion welding methods. Components are molded and insulated to strict tolerances to ensure easy installation and long-term insulation of the glycol system. Condensation is eliminated and, along with our thorough sanitary and maintenance procedures, so is mold and mildew. 



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