Grain Mill and Conveyance


Malt Handling, LLC of Chicago, Illinois is our choice to supply and install the equipment that will mill and convey our grains to our brewhouse. These components greatly impact the efficiency of our brewhouse and the quality of our beers. We will employ a 4 roller Sasquatch grain mill. Fabricated in the USA, these mills have been developed through years of experience designing mills specifically for craft breweries. Sasquatch mills allow for precise control of roll speed and ratio, giving the user both a wider range and greater degree of control over throughput capability. Add the highest quality, centrifugally cast rolls in the industry, and Mocama will have a machine that will serve us well through years of operation & growth. Grain will travel from the mill to the brewhouse via chain disk conveyance. This tube conveyor is comprised of food grade chains and molded pucks that move the crushed grain gently, efficiently, vertically, and horizontally in a dust-tight environment with no product degradation.





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Opening Early 2020