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Mocama will join the Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade group dedicated to promoting and protecting America’s small and independent craft brewers. Both Mocama and the Brewers Association believe in:

  • Promoting and celebrating the small, independent, traditional and innovative culture of American craft brewers

  • Vigorously defending our industry and providing craft brewers with a unified voice

  • Fostering transparency within the organization

  • Supporting and encouraging the responsible enjoyment of beer

  • Providing stewardship for 10,000 years of brewing history

  • Educating brewers and consumers about the diversity, flavor and quality of beer

  • Improving the economic health of American craft brewers

  • Working to build a collegial community of brewers, homebrewers and brewing enthusiasts

  • Promoting ethical and legal trade practices

  • Building relationships and collaborating with our industry partners








Mocama will join the Craft Maltsters Guild, an Asheville, NC based organization whose mission is to promote and sustain the tradition of craft malting in North America, provide services and resources to the Association’s members, and uphold the highest quality and safety standards for craft maltsters. Craft maltsters are characterized by:

  • Relatively small scale. Craft maltster produces between 5 metric tons to 10,000 metric tons per year.

  • Sources ingredients locally. Over fifty-percent of grains are grown within a 500-mile radius of the craft malthouse.

  • Independently owned. The malthouse must be independently owned by a seventy-six percent majority of ownership.  













USA HOPS Hop Growers of America is a trade organization focused on supporting hop growers, statistics and trade promotion, and education. As the U.S. hop industry is ever-evolving, so are their goals and programs to best meet the needs of hop growers and industry partners like Mocama. U.S. hops have not only been thrust into the limelight of the brewing industry and the world’s attention, but they are also acknowledged as the catalyst of the craft beer movement. Thanks to their unique and strong aromatics and the ability of US growers to rapidly ramp up production, the United States has become identified as an ideal location to source aroma hops. As the world’s hop and brewing industries watch US growers and crops, HGA provides updates on the progress of each crop year and overall hop market through a schedule of releases tied to statistics and updates from the USDA and the International Hop Growers Convention (IHGC). Mocama brewers and employees will have access to educational seminars at esteemed international brewing schools; be able to attend trade shows with hop and beer samples, grower delegates to answer technical questions, plus materials on variety information and where to buy them; and hop market data.












Core members of our management and production team will join the Master Brewers Association of the Americas(MBAA). The MBAA was formed in 1887 with the purpose of promoting, advancing, and improving the professional interest of brew and malt house production and technical personnel. Its members work to advance the brewing, fermentation, and allied industries by: advocating the exchange of knowledge; creating, assembling, interpreting, and disseminating credible and beneficial information; developing world-class education offerings; and providing valuable personal and professional development opportunities. The MBAA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with more than 4,000 members in 25 different districts from more than 50 countries throughout the world.













We will also join the Florida Brewers Guild, an organization built on the ideas of uniting an industry for advocacy and sharing of best practices in an effort to elevate brewing across the state. Founded in 1996 their mission is:

  • To educate the public about the brewing industry in Florida

  • Promote networking and educational opportunities between brewers, consumers, suppliers, and government regulatory agencies

  • Continually promote free market access of the Florida brewing industry to the public

The Guild will continue to advocate for beneficial public policy that fosters innovation and creativity. They support and recruit pro-craft brewery policy makers who stand up for our values. They facilitate an open dialogue between brewers, industry partners and beer lovers to further the success of Florida’s craft brewing community.















The Pink Boots Society was created to assist, inspire and encourage women beer industry professionals to advance their careers through education.


Pink Boots Society members are the female movers and shakers in the beer industry. They get the beer brewed and fermented with the highest possible quality. They also own breweries, package the beer, design beers, serve beers, write about beer, and cover just about any aspect of beer. Most importantly, they teach each other through seminar programs and we help advance the careers of women in the beer industry by raising money for educational scholarships.


P—Passion                                          B—Beer & Brewing

I—Integrity & Inspiration                  O—Opportunity

N—Networking                                  O—Open Exchange of Ideas

K—Knowledge                                    T—Teach




We will encourage all of our female employees to join The Pink Boots Society and actively participate in the Florida Chapter’s activities. Our female brewers will annually create a very special beer called Super Sister to raise funds for their own continuing education and to benefit the society. The beer will be released at the brewery annually on International Women’s Day, March 8th.



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