Mocama will work with Keg Logistics to supply its initial fleet of German made Franke ½ and ¼ barrel kegs. Oktopus co-founder Derek Imes has worked with Keg Logistics and its CEO Chris Sapyta in the past to supply kegs for startup breweries. This relationship will result in Mocama obtaining the lowest possible pricing on its keg rental agreement.  Mocama has the option to rent kegs for a minimum of one year to a maximum of eight years. The rental price decreases over time as does the depreciated buyout price of the keg each year. At the end of the final term, ownership of the kegs transfer to the brewery. With each rental payment Mocama gains equity in the keg asset. Of the many options a startup brewery has to choose from, the next best thing to buying kegs outright is renting-to-own with Keg Logistics. The cost of monthly keg rentals is factored into our cost of goods sold, so as we move towards ownership of our keg fleet we will also be increasing our margins.


Keg Logistics offers branding of our kegs as part of our monthly fee. Branding our kegs is certainly beneficial to our marketing efforts, but the primary purpose of keg paint is to reduce loss. A branded keg is less likely to ‘get borrowed’ from an account or at a festival. Our logo and stripes will be bold and big, with clear text including our website so people can help our valuable kegs get back to us in the event of misplacement or theft. Our kegs will stand out in a distributor warehouse, on a truck, and in a crowded walk in. We want our kegs to be so recognizable that people can identify them from a passing car when being delivered to a bar. Metal recyclers will not accept branded kegs from thieves. The high quality enamel paint on our kegs will last for years and give our keg fleet a more professional look than blanks, adhesive keg stickers or spray paint. We will adapt our logo to fit on the various keg sizes and paint the kegs in our brand’s exact pantone color(s).




Franke(recent name change to BLEFA Kegs) is the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel kegs. Their kegs retain value and offer long-term operational reliability in everyday application. Franke offers a guarantee that far exceeds any legal requirements, 30 years, a promise that our kegs will work flawlessly and earn money for Mocama for decades to come. 




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